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We offer Drivers Education and Penndot License Exam at our Facility

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Driving School & Penndot Third-Party Testing Center

All in one solution

Take your Driving Lessons and road test at our facility.

We are a Driving School &

Penndot third-party testing center.

What We Offer

  • Free Door 2 Door Service:  We will pick up all students at there residents or agreed to place of pick up. On a students test prep, we ask all students to meet us at the testing center.
  • One on One driving school lessons: (No sharing your time) We value your learning experience and will not allow other students to ride in your driving lesson. Your Drivers Education is very important to us
  • Scream free driving school: (No worries we will not yell at you) Our instructors care about your safe driving development. Your instructor will help you become comfortable behind the wheel. meanwhile, teach you without the yelling and constant screaming that new drivers will face.
  • Take your road test here not Penndot:  That’s right… We give the Penndot third party testing location. You can take your test as little as 2 days.
  • College student discounts & Military discounts: (10%) We care about our college students and Military clients Drivers Education.
  • Driver’s License Testing: We are certified by PennDOT to administer the Class C Non-Commercial Skills Test as a PennDOT Certified 3rd Party Testing Center. Why wait when you can schedule an exam in as little as 48 hours.
  • Online Scheduling: We know you’re busy and will work with you to choose the best driving package and instructor for your needs.
  • Comfortable Environment: We offer a comfortable and friendly environment. If your first lesson with us is your first time behind the wheel, we’ll make sure to pay special attention to your nerves.
  • State Certified Instructors: All of our instructors are state certified by the Department of Education.

How are we able to give the Penndot exam?

October 22, 2014, the State of Pennsylvania passed an amendment (Act 170) to Section 1508 (e) & (f) of Title 75 (Vehicle Code)

Third-party testing.–The department may authorize a third party to administer the portion of the examination that demonstrates the applicant’s ability to exercise ordinary and reasonable control in the operation of a motor vehicle of the type or class of vehicles for which the applicant desires a license to drive. Third-party providers shall only administer exams required in this section if:

(1) The test is the same test as that which would otherwise be administered by the department.
(2) The third-party has entered into an agreement with the department and the agreement has not been terminated by the department.


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